2 Pack Of 7 Inch Round Brotform Banneton Proofing Baskets With Linen Liner Clot Bread Bowl For Professional & Home Bakers



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  • Material: Our Banneton Proofing Basket Is Purely Handmade With 100% Imported Indonesia Natural Rattan Cane, No Chemical, Renewable, Environmentally Friendly, Fully Compliant With Eu Food Standard And Is Perfect For Maintaining Health Of Your Family
  • Size: Measures Approximately 18cm In Diameter At The Top, 8cm In Diameter At The Bottom. Height Is About 9cm. Classic And Varied Storage Forms Apply To Various Occasions(home, Hotel And Restaurant), Sturdy Structure Provides Optimal Wall Height For Proofing A Traditional, High Loaf. Note: The Diameter Is At The Outside, Not The Inside
  • Package Included: 2 * 7” Round Proofing Baskets + 2 * Liner Cover
  • Our Hand Crafted Proofing Baskets Are Well Constructed And Traditionally Shaped, Which Is Thicker And Stronger, Specially Designed For Professional Bakers Or Amateurs Alike. It’s Also A Perfect Gift For Friends And Family
  • The Rattan Banneton Basket Is An Essential Tool For Making European Rustic Loaves, Commonly Used For The Last Fermentation And Shaping. It Functions The Same As The Shape Tool Used In Modern Bread Making Process. Our Artisan Bread Proofing Basket Are Used To Provide The Loaf With Gorgeous Rings, Circles, Spiral Shapes And Coils, Draws Moisture Away From Dough Surface For A Crispier, Rustic Crust When Baked
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