20cm Saucepan + Lid



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  • ★ Oven Proof ► Allowing You To Start Cooking On The Hob And Move Directly To The Oven Or Grill Without Having To Worry About Changing Pans.
  • ★ Sturdy Rims And Handles ► Manoeuvre With The Pan With Ease With Thick Handles And Rims Designed For Easy Pouring.
  • ★ High Quality Stainless Steel ► Our Entire Stainless Steel Cookware Range Is Constructed With The Highest Quality Steel Possible. To Ensure A Strong, Yet Lightweight And Manageable Cookware That Will Last Long Into Your Kitchen’s Future.
  • ★ Self-basting Lids ► To Help Keep Juices Inside The Pan And Help Maintain A Steady Temperature.
  • ★ 25 Year Guarantee ► We Fully Guarantee Our Entire Stainless Steel Cookware Range, As We Do With All Our Fantastic Products For A Full 25 Years.
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