22 Inch Skateboard With Light-up Led Wheels, Black



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  • This 22-inch Skateboard Is A Great Starter Board For Kids, Teens And Beginners. The Board Features Anti-slip Surface Which Allows For A Stable Grip When Riding Which Is A Plus For Beginners.
  • Can Be Used By Teens And Young Adults To Travel To And From Skate Parks, Schools, University Campus, And Pretty Much Anywhere You Can Think Of. Portable Allows You Ride It And Store It Pretty Much Anywhere.
  • Measures: 22 Inches Long By 5.75 Inches Width By 3.5 Inches High. Includes: 1 22-Inch Skateboard With Led Wheels.
  • Its Equipped With Four Led Coasters Which Support Your Skateboarding On Different Street Surfaces For A Smooth Ride And Light-up As You Glide!
  • It’s Made From Abs Plastic Which Is Durable And Resistant.
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