500-428 18-Inch Portable Campfire Griddle



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  • Camp Essential. This Enamel Coated Is Built To Withstand High Heat, A Must Have For Every Camp. It’s Wide Flat Plate Gives Plenty Of Cooking Space, Whether Cooking For Yourself Or For The Group.
  • Convenient Design. Bayou Classic Griddles Come With A Wide Leg Design To Stand At A Suitable Distance From The Fire To Make It Easier To Control The Amount Of Heat Your Cooking Needs.
  • Hold While Cooking. It’s Cool Touch Handles Allow You To Hold Griddle In The Middle Of Cooking To Flip The Food Or To Move Elsewhere.
  • Keep In Seconds. Pack Up And Move Along In A Few Seconds. The Grill Grate Can Be Folded Up And Placed In The Griddle Base And Secured With The Carrying Strap.
  • Healthy Camping Cooking. Camp Cookouts Should Still Come With Healthy Food. The Pan Comes With A Grease Drain To Get The Fat Away From The Food.
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