6″ X 6″ Moisture-proof And Nonstick Square Dry Wax Papers, Microwave And Freezer Safe For Ground Beef, Burger Patties, 250 Pieces



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  • ✓ Moisture-proof And Nonstick, Wax Paper Won’t Stick To Fresh Foods Or Freeze To Meat.
  • ✓ Perfect For Wrapping Or Separating Gooey Baked Goods, Rice Crispy Treats And Candies Prior To Storing. Also A Perfect Way To Let Your Cheese Breathe While Keeping It Fresh.
  • ✓ Each Square Dry Wax Paper Measures 6” X 6”. Ideal For Preparing Hamburgers And Filets For Easy Separation.
  • ✓ For Cooks, Bakers And Candy Makers, Wax Paper Is The Secret Weapon For Keeping Food From Sticking.
  • ✓ Lined With A Thin Layer Of Wax On Each Side, Wax Paper Is Designed To Keep Food Fresh Longer.
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