6700 Mah 14.8V 4-Cell 25C Lipo Battery Vehicle, 2890X



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  • Traxxas Power Cell Id-equipped Lipo Batteries Are Engineered Specifically To Fit Traxxas Models And Maximize Their Full Performance Potential
  • Balance Connectors Are Integrated Into The Traxxas High-current Connector Eliminating Fragile Balance Wires And The Need For External Balance Boards
  • Power Cell Lipo Packs Feature Patented High Current Connectors With 12-gauge Maxx Cable Wire Soldered Directly To The Lipo Cells
  • Traxxas Lipo Batteries With Id May Be Charged On Lipo Chargers With Separate Balance Ports By Using Traxxas Adapter #2938
  • Power Cell Lipos Are Constructed Of Premium Cells With Extra-wide Discharge Tabs To Minimize Resistance
  • 6700mAh 14.8V 4-cell 25C Lipo Battery. Built Using The Same Sturdy Construction Methods As The Traxxas 2-cell And 3-cell Batteries
  • All Lipo Batteries Require Lipo Specific Chargers And Cannot Be Used With Nimh-only Chargers
  • 2890X
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