Al Dente The Singing Floating Pasta Timer – Cook Every Pasta Perfectly Every Time



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  • Fda Approved – Made With Food Grade Xylex Polycarbonate And Fda Approved. Al Dente Is Designed To Be Dishwasher Safe, Just Place Him Head Down. He Can Easily Handle Temperatures Up To 230°F (110°C).
  • Easy To Use – Add Our Singing Chef To Your Boiling Water With Your Pasta And The Helpful Mobster Will Take Care Of The Timing. He Sings At 60dB, So You’ll Certainly Hear Him. He Knows 4 Different Songs For The Various Cooking Times.
  • Perfect Pasta, Every Time – Prepare Al Dente Pasta Reliably And With Confidence With Our Unique Kitchen Tool. Simply Add Our Pasta Timer With Your Pasta And Wait For Him To Sing The Song That Corresponds To Your Pasta’s Cooking Time.
  • Made In Germany – Designed And Made In Germany To Strict Eu Quality Standards. Guaranteed Free From Bpa And Other Harmful Substances.
  • For Pasta Lovers – The Ideal Gift For Lovers Of Italian Cuisine And Pasta Of Any Size And Shape. Our Functional And Fun Timer Makes Meal Preparation More Enjoyable.
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