Bubble Wand With Kid-safe Solution, Led Lights And Musical Sound Effects, Silent Mode, Auto Blower, Sky-filling Bubble Maker, Push-button Simplicity, Outdoor Toys And Gifts



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  • ✔ Musical Sound Effects: Discovery Kids Bubble Wand Features Built-in Music For A Truly Unique Bubble Experience That’s Even More Exciting. But You Can Also Turn The Music Off For Quieter Play.
  • ✔ Push-button Bubbles: Attach The Bubble Solution To The Bottom Of The Wand And Press The Button. It’s Never Been Easier To Make Tons Of Bubbles!
  • ✔ Kid-safe Solution: Bubble Mix Is Non-toxic And Kid-safe For Worry-free Play! Suggested As An Outside Toy To Keep Furniture Safe From Residue.
  • ✔ Led Lights: Wand Orb Glows With Led Light For The Perfect Night Play. Fuel Imaginations. Fairy, Princess – Fairy Princess? You Decide!
  • ✔ Bubbles Everywhere: The Discovery Kids Bubble Wand Creates Clouds Of Bubbles Automatically! No Dipping Messy, Drippy Sticks Or Trying To Blow Just Right. Just Bubbles Everywhere!
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