Digital Milligram Scale 20g X 0.001g Including Calibration Weight, Powder Pan, Scoop And Tweezers For Jewelry Coin Gold Reloading Bullet Medicine Capsule, Grains Grams Carats Pennyweigh



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  • High Precision 1MG Readings: Get More Accurate Results For Your Hobbies Or Home Projects! Built With A Sensitive Load Cell, The Silver Is Accurate Up To 0.001g (1mg)
  • Multifunction: Ideal For Powders, Herbs, Jewelry, Precious Metals, Chemicals And Other Small Items. The Silver Comes With A 20g Calibration Weight, A Powder Pan, A Scoop, Tweezers, 2x Aaa Batteries, A Manual In English
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions: The Instructions For Weighing, Calibrating And Zeroing Are Right Inside The Lid, And They Are Easy To Understand And Follow
  • One Step Calibration: Easy Recalibration With Included 20g Calibration Weight, Ensuring Accurate Readings At All Times
  • Six Weighing Units: Read In Grains, Grams, Pennyweights, Carats, Troy Ounces And Ounces
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