Electric Steamers,food Steamer, 2-layer Electric Food Steamer, Stackable Baskets, Cooking Vegetables And Healthy Foods Instantly



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  • After The Completion, It Is Required To Have No Oil And No Smoke. It Is Difficult To Clean Up In Your Food.
  • Anti-dry Design: Intelligent Power-off Protection, Anti-dry, No Need To Look After The Tube, Such As Lack Of Water In The Process Of Steaming Food, Steamer Automatically Power Off, Anti-dry, Safe And Secure
  • Transparent Visible Glass: Food Grade Pp Material, 2 Transparent Steam Boxes, Healthy And Environmentally Friendly, Exquisite And Transparent, And More Ingredients To Cook, No Effort, At A Glance
  • Non-slip Heat Dissipation Design At The Bottom Of The Pot: Non-slip Bottom, Safe To Use, Large Vent
  • A 2-layer Steamer For Steamed Rice, Vegetables, Meat And Fish Is One Of The Healthiest Cooking Methods To Minimize Nutrient And Vitamin Loss.
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