Electrolyte Solution, Hydration Drink, Strawberry, 1 Liter



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  • More Effective Than Common Beverages: Designed To Replace Fluids And Electrolytes More Effectively Than Sports Drinks, Pedialyte Provides An Optimal Balance Of Sugar And Electrolytes To Prevent Mild To Moderate Dehydration. It’s Medical-grade Hydration.
  • Trusted Brand: #1 Pediatrician* And Pharmacist-recommended Brand.* For Over 50 Years, Pedialyte Has Been The Go-to Rehydration Drink (*Among Pediatricians And Pharmacists Surveyed, Respectively (2017). Data On File With Manufacturer).
  • Replaces Electrolytes: A Flavorful Way For Kids And Adults To Replace Electrolytes To Feel Better Fast.
  • Great-tasting Flavors: Enjoy Pedialyte Liters, Powder Packs, And Freezer Pops In 17 Refreshing Flavors.
  • Pour & Hydrate: Tastes Best Served Chilled. To Maintain Proper Hydration, 1-2 Liters Of Pedialyte May Be Needed Per Day.
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