Fly Repellent Fan Keep Flies And Bugs Away From Your Food Drink Enjoy Outdoor Camping Patios Picnic Meal



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  • Ky: Fly Repellent Fan Outdoor Fans To Keep Bugs Away Pet Repellent Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent Bug Fly Stickers Eco-friendly Insects Repellent Fan
  • Blades Come To A Stop If Something Touches Them, Then Resume As Soon As The Obstacle Is Removed.
  • Fly Repellent Fan Is A Light-weight, Odor-free Fan You Place On Top Of Your Outdoor Or Picnic Table To Keep Flies From Dive-bombing Your Food.
  • No More Nasty, Disgusting Bugs Crawling All Over Your Sweet Treats!
  • The Dots Refract/bend Light Which Scares The Their Little Fly Minds, The Bending Colored Lights Are Not Normal In Nature And It Appears Dangerous To Them. They Will Always Choose To Go Somewhere Else.
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