Funny Ugly Monster, 9 Inch Grin Grin Plush Creature With Teeth, For Ages 4 And Up



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  • Plush Creature With Teeth: Fugglers Are Plush Creatures With Mouths Full Of Human-like Teeth. There Are Over 20 New Fugglers That You Could Make The Mistake Of Adopting
  • They Have Clothes. And Weird Prints: Who Gave The Fugglers Clothes? Unbox A Fuggler And You Could Find A Little Weirdo In Underpants, Or A Different Weirdo Wearing A Cape, Or An Entirely Different Weirdo Covered In Animal-print. Who Knows
  • Signature Buttonhole: Flip Your Fuggler Over And You’ll Find A Signature Buttonhole, Sewn Onto Their…you Know
  • Adoption Certificate Included: Fugglers Are For Everyone Aged 4+ With Weird Taste. If You Must Adopt A Fuggler, Use The Adoption Certificate To Register And Name Your Mischievous Monster
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