Gender Reveal Baseball Set – 2 Balls – Pink And Blue Exploding With Powder Plus 20 Pink & Blue Baby Gender Voting Stickers



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  • Non-toxic + Eco Friendly – We Use The Highest Quality Balls, The Most Vibrant Powder, And The Safest Materials. Stand Back When The Batter Is Swinging!
  • Removable Gender Tag – Indicating The Blue Or Pink Powder Inside. Each Set Contains 1 Blue And 1 Pink Baseball, Once The Tag Is Removed, Nobody Will Know The Color Until The Ball Is Hit!
  • Fully Guaranteed – Here At Winsharp, We Guarantee Our Quality, However If You Happen To Be Unsatisfied, Please Contact Us And We Will Make Things Right, That’s Our Promise!
  • Packed With Powder – Each Ball Contains The Maximum Amount Of Powder Inside For The Best Cloud Of Colored Smoke! Swing Hard For Best Results!
  • Perfect Gift – Expecting Parents Love This Gift If They Are Into Baseball Or Softball! With 1 Pink + 1 Blue Vibrant Powdered Baseball, Plus Gender Voting Stickers, You’re In For An Exciting Day!
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