Hic Home Canning Supplies Kit, 5-Piece Set Includes Canning Funnel



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  • Magnetic Canning Lid Wand For Secure Lifting And Transporting Of Metal Canning Jar Lids To Keep Hands Safely Away From Heat
  • Canning Funnel Makes Transferring Liquids And Dry Goods Into Dispensers And Storage Containers Effortless With Less Mess
  • Canning Jar Lifter Holds Canning Jars Securely For Filling, Lifting And Transporting And Keeps Hands Safely Away From Heat
  • Canning Jar Wrench For Easily Tightening Lids And Versatile Tongs When Canning Your Tomatoes, Salsa, Pickles, Peaches And More
  • Hic’s Home Canning Supplies Kit Includes: Canning Funnel, Jar Lifter, Jar Wrench, Tongs And Canning Lid Wand
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