Hinoki Cypress Anti-bacterial Japanese Natural Wooden Professional Grade Cutting Board With Anti Twisting Walnut Rim Made In Japan



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  • Designed To Take Advantage Of The Wood’s High Natural Oil Content And Anti-bacterial Component In Order To Maximize Performance, Ease Of Use, And Longevity.
  • Small: 11″ X 7″x 0.6″ (27.9cmx17.7cmx1.5cm); Medium: 13″ X 8.6″x 0.6″(33cm X 22cm X 1.5cm); Large: 15.4″ X 9.4″x 0.6″(39.2cm X 24cm X 1.5cm); X-large: 17” X 10.25” X 0.75”(43cm X 26cm X 1.9cm)
  • High Quality Natural Material Made From Hinoki Cypress Wood Specifically Designed To Minimize Stress On Your Hand And Impact On The Blade, Resulting In Better Edge Retention And A Longer Lifespan For Your Knives.
  • The Walnut Rim Provides An Extra Resistance To Twisting And Warping, And Its’ Easy To Stand Design Allows For Much Quicker Drying.
  • Anti-bacterial / High Durability / Proudly Made In Japan
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