Mini Oven Baking Automatic Multifunctional Small Oven Household Electric Oven 12 Liters 800 Watts, White One-key Baking



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  • ◆ Frozen Fish, Frozen Onion Rings, Frozen Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Fish/shrimp, Fresh Chicken/chicken Wings, Fresh Vegetable, Spring Rolls/egg Rolls
  • ◆ Oven Fan Turns On To Vent Out Burning Or Other Smells Out Of The Microwave, Keeping It Clean
  • ◆ A Sleek Black Stainless Steel Exterior And Stainless Steel Interior, – This Countertop Microwave Delivers Power, Style, And Convenience To Any Kitchen
  • ◆ The Combination Function Allows You To Combine Grill/convection Features To Help Keep Foods Juicy On The Inside And Crispy On The Outside
  • ◆ The Grill Function Can Be Used Alone Or In Combination With The Microwave To Perfectly Reheat A Slice Of Pizza Or Lasagna.
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