Oil Strainer Pot Grease Can, Stainless Steel Oil Filter Soup Separator Strainer Pot Kitchen Cooking Utensil,suitable For Storing Frying Oil And Cooking Grease



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  • 304 High Quality Stainless Steel. Anti-rust, Corrosion-resistant, Safe And Tasteless Materials.
  • Two-way Exit Design, The Upper Hole For Flowing Out Soup With Oil, The Bottom Hole Flow Out Soup Without Oil.
  • The Surface Is Made By Mirror Polishing, The Surface Is Smooth, And Easy To Clean.
  • The Ergonomic Handle, The Handle Design Is Widened, The Grip Is Comfortable, And The Soup Is Easy To Keep Warm.
  • When Dumping, The Broth Flows Out Of The Small Hole. Grease Is Separated From The Upper Layer To Effect Separation Of Water And Oil.
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