Only 1 Min. Prep! 11 Types Of Probiotics, Yogurt Maker, Kefir Maker, Probiotic Maker, Fresh Probiotics, Gallon Yogurt Maker 4 Quart 3.78 Liter 128 Oz Automatic Yogurt Machine W/starter



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  • Fat Free: Also Designed To Use Pure Skim Milk For Completely Fat-free Probiotic Shakes.
  • Save Time: Just 1 Minute To Prep. Pre-flavor Entire Bottle For A Ready-to-go Breakfast, Meal, Snack…
  • Only 1 Min. Prep To Make Fresh Probiotics (11 Types)-no Dirty Dishes! In-gallon Yogurt Maker/kefir Maker/probiotic Maker
  • Milk Alternatives: Use Milk Alternatives With Natural Sugars For Probiotics To Grow And No Artificial Ingredients To Inhibit Probiotic Growth(most New Formula Almond Milks Kill The Probiotics). As The Probiotics Grow It Will Turn Tart And If There Is A Lot Of Protein It Can Thicken Those (soy, Pea Protein/ripple, Some Coconut).
  • Save Money: Never Buy Yogurt, Kefir, Probiotic Pills Again! One Gallon Is The Equivalent Of 32 Yogurt Cups Or 64 Yogurt Tubes!
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