O’plancha Griddle, Lid And Accessories Set



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  • Features A Triple Layer, Thermo-diffuser Base Made Of 18/10 Stainless Steel And Aluminum Which Evenly Distributes Heat For Even Cooking
  • Comes With Attached Handles For Easy Handling, Cooking Lid, Smoking Grill, Mini Baster And Pot Holders; Dishwasher Safe
  • At 1/3-inch Thickness, The O’plancha Offers Superior Heat Retention, Regardless Of Food You Are Cooking; Has A Temperature Gauge In The Lid
  • Monitor Your Food With The Built In Temperature Gauge
  • Unique And Patented Plancha Offers A Generous, Rimless Cooking Surface That Works With All Stovetops (even Induction), Ovens And Grills
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