Pedialyte Advancedcare Plus Hydration Station Multipack, Electrolyte Hydration Drink, 0.6-oz Electrolyte Powder Packets, 80 Count



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  • Surprise Bonus: Every Hydration Station Order Comes With A Promo Code For One Of Our Popular Pedialyte T Shirts
  • Enough To Share: Our Hydration Station Multipack Has 80 Single Powder Packets To Share—to Rehydrate And Feel Better Fast
  • Great Tasting Flavors: 40 Packets Each Of Berry Frost & Strawberry Freeze; Just Mix 1 Packet In 16 Fl Oz Of Cold Water
  • Great For Any Event: When Dehydration** Hits, Share The Pedialyte & Keep The Fun Going At Receptions, Grad Parties, Block Parties, & Sporting Events
  • 33 Percent More Electrolytes*: Pedialyte Advancedcare Plus Powder Packets Have 33 Percent More Electrolytes For Advanced Rehydration
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