Pizza Pan Copper With Holes 2 Pack Top & Botton 12 Inch Baking Pan Non Stick Coated Copper Infused 12 Inch Round Pizza Crispy Tray Bakeware Set Pizza Pan



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  • Dishwasher Safe: 13-inch Pizza Pan Each With Perforated Surface Heavy Gauge Steel Construction Non-stick Exterior And Interior Thick Moved Edges Dishwasher Safe. Clean Up Of This Pan Is A Total Snap.
  • Sweat Free Design: The Coating On This Pizza Pan Is Designed To Last For A Very Long Time. Copper Steel Design Is Ideal For Both Durability And Heat Distribution. The Perforated Design Of The Pizza Pan Helps Air Circulate Around The Bottom Of The Pie, Enhancing The Crispy Flavour. The Pizza Pan Is Designed To Allow Your Pie To Bake To Crisp, Golden Perfection Quickly And Easily.
  • Non-stick With Copper Infused Ceramic Pan: This Is A Non-stick Coating With Copper Infused Ceramic Pan. Features A Non-stick Finish, Allows Easy Removal And Cleaning. Non-stick Finish Means Clean-up Is A Breeze. 13-inch Size Non-stick Copper Steel Pizza Pan Suitable For Dishwasher, Oven And Freezer Safe. Non-stick Coating Pan For Easy Release And Cleaning – Quality, Heat Responsive Non-stick Cookware. Provides Easy Clean Up.
  • Perfect Heat Distribution: Heats Up Quickly And Is More Scratch Resistant And Durable – Safe To 450 °F
  • Non-stick Coating For Easy Bake Ware: Non-stick Bake Ware 13-Inch Pizza Pan For Making Your Own Pizzas. This Pizza Pans Is The Best Pizza Pan For A Crispy Crust. From The Principal Differ In Food Processors, Comes A Superior Line Of Bake Ware. In The Bottom Of This Pizza Pan, You Will Never Experience Stuck On Pizza Pieces That’re Difficult To Remove. Perforated For Air Circulation And Crispy Crust, Ideal For Cooking Perfect Pizzas.
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