Pour Over Coffee Brewer, Empire Red, KCM0802ER



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  • Visual Display Shows Each Step Of The Brewing Process, From Heating, To Pouring And Then Steeping.
  • Meets The Gold Cup Standards Of The Specialty Coffee Association Of America (SCAA).
  • Product Dimensions 11.3(L) X 8.7(W) X 15.1(H) Inches
  • The One Touch Medium And Dark Roast Settings Allow You To Taste All The Subtleties And Flavor Within These Different Roasts.
  • Mimics The Manual Pour Over Process Delivering Consistent Infused Flavor Without The Manual Effort.
  • Heats The Water To The Optimal Range Of 198°F -204°F At The Top Of The Brewer And Therefore Minimizes Heat Loss During The Extraction Process.
  • Includes Starter Pack Of #4 Paper Filters, 8-cup Glass Carafe, Coffee Scoop
  • KCM0802ER
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