Power Scour Grill Brush, Black, CCB-505



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  • Two Coiled Stainless Steel Bristles: Two Coiled Stainless Steel Scouring Pads Hold Up To The Most Aggressive Scouring And Are Designed To Clean Baked-on Residue From The Top And Sides Of The Grate At The Same Time.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Exterior: The Scour Grill Brush’s Casing And Handle Are Made From A Heavy Duty Plastic That Holds The Pads In Place And Keeps The Brush Strong Through Heat And Cleaning Pressure.
  • No Risk Of Bristles Being Left Behind: Designed Without Bristles, The Fear Of Losing Grill Brush Bristles When Cleaning Your Grill Is Eliminated. This Means You Won’t Have To Worry About Finding Any Metal Bristles In Your Food.
  • Tough And Reusable Pads: The Two Durable Stainless Steel Coil Pads Remain Tough Use After Use And Are Great For Removing Caked-on Food And Grease From Every Kind Of Grate.
  • A Clean You Can Put Your Weight Behind: The Wide, Two-handed Optimized Shape With Reinforced Handle And Circular Design Helps You Lean In And Apply Leverage By Using Your Body Weight To Bear Down On The Toughest Grime.
  • CCB-505
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