Sheriff Of Nottingham Merry Men Board Games



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  • The Black Market, Where Demand For Contraband Is High, And So Are The Rewards For Those Merchants Willing To Take A Risk! As Well As Special Orders, That Merchants Can Fulfill For Added Profits
  • The 6th Player Expansion, Where The Honorable Sheriff Has Hired Two Deputies To Assist In The Confiscation Of Illegal Goods
  • Sheriff Of Nottingham Merry Men Is A Collection Of Expansions For The Hit Game Sheriff Of Nottingham! Included In This Expansion Pack Are
  • Laws. Passed Down From Prince John, This Expansion Brings About Changes To The Game, Adding Variance To The Goods That Can Be Brought Into Nottingham
  • The Merry Men, Outlaws Of Notoriety That Wreak Havoc If Smuggled Into Nottingham, For Great Reward (and Risk) To Merchants Choosing To Provide Them Assistance “
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