Stainless Steel Canning Rack, Contoured Steel Handles Rack, Non-rusting Rack – Canning Becomes Easy, Fun And Safe



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  • Foldable Handles: Comes With Two Collapsible Handles Which Are Very Easy To Grab, Suitable For Lifting Out Jars. It Is Also Folds For Quick Compact Storage.
  • Perfect And Practical Canning Tool: New To Canning? This Rack Is Uniquely Designed For Easy Use And Convenience Of Those New To Canning And Also Experts. You Get To Discover Canning Is Not As Hard As You Think It Is.
  • Suitable For Different Capacities: The Rack Has A Diameter Of 12 Inches Which Is Made Suitable To Hold Any 8 Pints Or 7-quart Jars. It Will Perfectly Fit Into Any Stock Pot Over 12.5 Inches In Diameter Without Any Hindrance During Evacuation.
  • A Balance Between Safety And Performance: Tired Of Losing Another Jar To Collision During Hot Water? This Rack Is Simply For You. It Prevents The Jars From Coming In Contact With Heat Source And Also Well-spaced To Avoid A Collision, Hot Water Is Freely.
    Circulated Around The Jars Thereby Providing A Balance Between Safety And Performance.
  • Durability And Design: It Is Made Of A Stainless Steel With A Special Coding To Prevent Rusting. Your Home Canning Tool Isn’t Just Yet Complete Without It.
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