Supreme Baby Diapers



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  • Super Absorbency: Outstanding Leakage Protection, Good For Daytime And Nighttime Use. All Around Stretch: Delivers Custom Comfortable Fit And Containment Around The Waist, Back And Legs. Maintains Shape Even During Active Playtime.
  • Custom Designs: Two Fun Trendy Designs In Every Box, Scenic And Contemporary For Fashion Conscious Baby. Unique Animal Icon For Each Size, Clearly Identifies Each Step Size.
  • Ultra Soft Comfort: Soft Materials On The Inside And Outside Of Diaper Are Gentle On Tender Skin.
  • Size 3. Weight Range: 16-28 Lbs. 208 Diapers Per Box.
  • Hypoallergenic: Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex. Advanced Shaping: Provides Baby With Outstanding Fit And Comfort.
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