The Game Of Ur



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  • Gift Quality: Give Something Out Of The Ordinary For An Upcoming Birthday Or Holiday. This Ur Set Will Be Treasured For Years To Come With Its Vibrant Blue And Black Decor And Sturdy Wood Construction. A Stand Out Gift!
  • We Games: Making The World’s Best Traditional Games Since 1977. Our Games Are Crafted With High Quality Sustainable Materials With Attention To Fine Details. We Love Bringing People Together With Our Classic Board Games, And We Know The Joy Of The Game Will Be Passed Down To The Next Generation. We Games Donates Time And Resources To The Toy Foundation To Help Children In Need Who Are Facing Many Of Life’s Most Difficult Challenges.
  • Good For You: Did You Know That Playing Board Games Can Teach Important Social Skills Like Verbal Communication, Being Patient, Sharing, Taking Turns And Enjoying Interactions With Others? Games Like Ur Foster The Ability To Focus And Lengthens The Players Attention Span. Playing Games Is An Easy And Excellent Way To Spend Unhurried, Enjoyable Time Together. They Are Also Rich In Learning Opportunities.
  • Antiquity Game: Ur Is A 5,000 Year Old Game That Fascinates And Engages People To This Day! A Favorite Among Royalty In Ancient Mesopotamia. The Ancient Game Evolved Into What We Know Today As Draughts And Checkers.
  • Expand Your Mind: A Race Game For Children And A Strategy Game For Adults. The Game Of Ur Is Perplexing And Exciting, Guaranteed To Entertain For Hours! This Particular Set Is Truly Exceptional With Hardwood Construction, The Board Measures 13.5 X 5.25 In With Storage And Pieces. Includes 8 Pyramid Dice And 12 Playing Pieces.
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