Whipper Quick Loader For Whipped Cream Dispensers & Seltzer Bottles – Upgraded Charger Holder For Your Whipping Siphon Or Soda Canister – N2o N2 & Co2 Gas Cartridges



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  • πŸ‘ Use With Standard Chargers: N2 (nitro, Nitrogen) N2o (NOS, Nitrous Oxide) & Co2 (carbon Dioxide)
  • πŸ‘Ž Not For Use With Gas Chargers From China! They Cause Problems With Most Whippers And Whipsnap
  • πŸ’‘ New Invention! πŸ’¨ Whipsnap Accessory Upgrades Your Whipper Canisters And Seltzer Bottles
  • ⚑ Fast Cartridge Insert And Removal πŸ’¦ Great In Wet Environments πŸ’ͺ Increases Grip Leverage
  • 😒 Avoids Injuries πŸ› οΈ No Cross-threading πŸ”Ž No More Lost Parts 🍽️ Dishwasher Safe
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