Whistling Kettle, 3 Liter Stainless Steel Liner, Large Caliber, Easy To Clean,stovetop Kettles



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  • This Whistle Kettle Is Made Of High Quality Rustproof Stainless Steel, High Temperature Resistant And Durable
  • Size: 14*13CM, 3L Capacity Is Suitable, No Need To Heat Multiple Times
  • There Are Safe Water Level Tips Inside And Outside The Kettle. Do Not Fill The Water, All Steel Dust Seal Lid, Cover Top With Heat Insulation Cover Handle, Open Cover Does Not Hurt The Hand
  • Induction Cooker Gas Stove Is Universal, Quick Boil, High Efficiency And Energy Saving
  • Spherical Body, Semi-annular Handle Design, Comfortable Grip, More Labor-saving
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